Current Projects

I am currently the principal investigator of various projects, including The Post-Qualitative Research in Higher Education Collective (2021-2023), Children, Technology and Play (2019-2020) and Decolonising Early Childhood: Critical Posthumanism in Higher Education (2016-2019) in South Africa. I am also leading the Global Innovation in Teaching and Learning (GINTL) South Africa at the University  of Oulu and I am a core partner in DlalA. I am Chief Editor of the Routledge Postqualitative, New Materialist and Critical Posthumanist Research series and section editor of the new Routledge Encyclopedia of Qualitative Research Methods. I am also an Invited member of the Advisory Board & Steering committee of the Childism Institute.

Decolonising Play through the Digital in Sub-Saharan Africa

Childism Institute